Man Started Finding His Children a Conversational English Class 4 Decades Ago

His father was the one who desperately wanted his son has a better conversational English, and so did he take the son to an English teacher’s house. This story is shared from India.

Conversational English becomes more and more important since it’s where the opportunity opens up. As it’s being said in the story, this man started to look around for his son’s basic English class, and the story of Chowdhary’s life just goes from there.


Image via: Scoopwhoop

The first time Chowdhary learned English was some 40 years ago, until he is becoming successful as an entrepreneur today.  Currently, he is vice president of treasury at JSW Steel in Mumbai India.

The man behind Chowdhary’s today succeed could be seen his father. It was 4 decades ago since the first time Chowdhary being accepted to the medium school, and it’s the first time he joined very first conversational English class. Read the full story of this great father here.


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