Why Learn English – Things To Consider More

When I first started learning English, I’ve never posed myself the question why learn English? However, until the time I was able to read in English, listen to English materials, and of course writing a couples of English posts here and there, I’ve come back with the same answer why don’t learn English.

If you are looking for an English Teacher in Vietnam who can probably bring you some bored-to-dead grammar rules or some of the individual opinions brought back to you by some foreign travelling trips, and you may have to question Why learn English more and more. But here are my answers:

Why Learn English Unless You Want To Be A “Blind” Man

So here is the case. Do you love technology? Yes, I do love that alot. If not tech is what we can see how great impressions it brings then we can’t see anything better than that. Just because technology field does need English, just simple so. I just don’t want to be “blind” where even a piece of common knowledge from the internet, which i can grasp it for free but have to pay to get that in Vietnam.

With English inside, you never have to wait for somebody to translate a post or an article, or anything from English to another language such as Vietnamese for you to acquire the same amount of knowledge that it original presents.

Why Learn English Unless You Don’t Want A Better Job Offer

Unless I don’t want to earn better money, and have more opportunities for promotions, I will not learn English. But for most of the Vietnamese jobs in the job board, the first skill to mention may be English, or conversational English as basics. So, you choose it that way if you don’t learn English.

Why Learn English Unless You Want Not To Be Self-Developed

When you actually “learn” the English is when you realize to get a brand new idea for self-development, but not like “yes”, “yes”, “you are perfect” and go ahead. Because you will be able to explore around that there are tonnes of people out there are better than you do. Good chance for improving oneself, right?.

Why Learn English Unless You Give Up The Chance To Be Understood

Still don’t convert your mind yet? Here we go. Unless you want to be understood, then English is the key. For  ESL learners, learning English is somewhat mystery but actually it’s just normal as you do with an exercise habits.

You will be able to communicate with different people around the world so why not learn English?

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My English name is Anna (Fan). I am a successful online English and Mandarin Chinese learner (love to call me a "language learner", yeah I am). I have been learning English in a completely different method (I invent the method, and you can do too !). In this blog, I would love to share with you guys how to be fluent in, at least, one foreign language. My personal opinion towards learning a new language is: "You don't have to go to your local college or learning institutes to be fluent in a foreign language, but if you do, choose the right teachers!". Read my dirt-cheap English writing @24h - Live, Love, Languages -

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