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Hello guys, this post is written by Anna Fan, the owner and content creator of HocTiengAnh24H. Today, I’ve created a new Facebook Fanpage aiming to share the English Idioms for English improvements.

First of all, thank you for more than 1000 readers on my blog about learning English as well as English learning apps and tools. I’ll be happy sharing more about it and hopefully, you can find the most reliable as well as your next motivations on learning and make your English fluency happen!

All of us have pretty much the same goal when it comes to learning English as ESL (English as Second Language), which is to become fluent in the language, to be more or sound more like a native speaker. And the way to approach this is to learn more, grasp more knowledge, and associate more with native speakers. That’s what I’ve always encouraged you here throughout those written posts.

And today I’ve made myself a new commitment of sharing Daily English Idioms. That is a new Facebook page for daily one English idiom. You might know that English Idioms will make you sound more like a native speaker. That’s the reason why you should start learning more idioms from then on.

Daily English Idioms Facebook Fanpage are ready to connect with you from:  fb.com/dailyenglishidioms

Thank you for being with me and the journey to fluent English will be more fun.


My English name is Anna (Fan). I am a successful online English and Mandarin Chinese learner (love to call me a "language learner", yeah I am). I have been learning English in a completely different method (I invent the method, and you can do too !). In this blog, I would love to share with you guys how to be fluent in, at least, one foreign language. My personal opinion towards learning a new language is: "You don't have to go to your local college or learning institutes to be fluent in a foreign language, but if you do, choose the right teachers!". Read my dirt-cheap English writing @24h - Live, Love, Languages -

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